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Research Directions

Problem Statement: Silicon-based light-emitting devices are extremely useful for integrating optical signal processing with electronic data processing. These devices are basic to efforts to develop a generation of ultrafast computers, based on combined electronic and optical signal processing on the one hand, and advanced generations of optoelectronic devices for optical communication systems on the other hand. As part of the efforts to address the need of developing such ultra-fast computers, based on combined electronic and optical signal processing, there is a need to develop an entire family of new silicon nanoscale electro-optical components which will in the future integrate smoothly into the silicon microelectronics industry.

Proposed Solution: To address such challenges and needs, the ALEO (Advanced Laboratory of Electro-Optics of the Lev Academic Center) research team (, under Dr. Avi Karsenty leadership, has developed a series of new nanoscale silicon-based electro-optics devices (transistors, capacitors, photo-activated and thermo-activated modulators, sensors, waveguides…), which optimally couple both electrical and optical properties. These photonics nanoscale Silicon-based devices, are designed for Optical Communication between Blocks and Chips (Silicon Photonics). About 40 projects are running in parallel under Dr. Avi Karsenty’s supervision, with a team of ~20 students (PhD, MSc, BSc, Mitztaynim program).

Si Photonics for Optical Communication

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