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The Team members develop, simulate and measure about 10 nano-scale silicon-based electro-optics coupled devices.


MOSQWELL Metal-Oxide-bemiconductor Quantum Well

Abstract: Nanoscale FD SOI MOSFET (Fully Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) based devices are the building blocks of up-to-date systems allowing ultra-fast data processing. This is in accordance with efforts to develop new generation of ultra-fast computers based on combined electronic and signal processing on one hand, and advanced generations of Nanoscale Body (NSB) devices for optical communication systems on the other hand.

HRTEM image of the Nano-Scale Device (NSB), showing a zoom-in under the gate region, and revealing the details of the recessed silicon channel, and confirming its 1.6mn thickness value. GOX (Gate Oxide) thickness is 26 nm, and
BOX thickness is 65 nm. *

* A. Karsenty, A. Chelly, "Comparative study of NSB and UTB SOI MOSFETs Characteristics by Extraction of Series Resistance", Solid State Electronics, Vol. 91, pp. 28-35, 2014.

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