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The Team members develop, simulate and measure (in parallel) about 10 nano-scale silicon-based electro-optics coupled devices.


GEOTEC Germanium Optical Tunable Excited Capacitor


Abstract: A new MOS photodetector device, with Germanium Nanocrystals dots, was designed, simulated and measured by capacitance technique under dark and NIR illumination. Coupling of the optical illumination and the electrical response was studied, demonstrating capabilities of faster optoelectronic responsivity. This new device can serve in several functions such as tunable capacitor, memory unit and Boolean element. The capacitance characterization, under NIR illumination, and the frequency response of metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) structures with Ge nanocrystals (Ge-NC) embedded in a thick SiO2 film grown on a Si substrate, were measured. The results have shown that the device is expected to be functional at high frequencies (up to 111GHz) making it a good candidate for optoelectronic high speed use, and for optical communication applications

HRTEM image of the Ge-NC inside the oxide layer. *

* A. Bennett, Ilan Gadassi, Z. Priel, Y. Mandelbaum, A. Karsenty, T. Luc, A. Chelly, I. Shlimak, Z. Zalevsky, “Fast Optoelectronic Responsivity of novel MOS nanostructures”, Journal of Nanophotonics. 10(3), 036001 (2016).

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