Main Research Directions

A.L.E.O. is Dr. Avi Karsenty's Research Advanced Laboratory of Electro-Optics Applications. A.L.E.O.'s scope consists in the architecture, design, simulations, characterization and testing of nano-photonics and nano-electronics devices. These devices are developed towards diverse applications in optical communication, defense and space, smart autonomous vehicles, advanced near-field instrumentation, super-resolution and quantum computing.
The Team is made of Electro-Optics and Electronics students. A.L.E.O is part of the JCT Nanotechnology Research & Educational Center, renewed and led by Dr. Karsenty, and is located in Mahon Lev Campus.


Jerusalem College of Technology

21 Havaad Haleumi St.

P.O. Box 16031

Jerusalem 9116001, Israel 


T: +972-2-6751140

F: +972-2-6751045

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