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Main Research Directions

Problem Statement: Again, the need for high-performing computers is growing very fast. One of the solutions today, is to move to Quantum Computers. “Quantum computer is a device that leverages specific properties described by quantum mechanics to perform computation” (Jack Hidary, 2021). “Quantum computation is about making changes to the quantum state. A quantum computer is built from a quantum circuit containing wires and elementary quantum gates to carry around and manipulate the quantum information. Classical computer circuits consist of wires and logic gates. Quantum gates on a single qubit can be described by two-by-two matrices” (Prof. Steven Frankel, 2021). 


Proposed Solution: An important collaboration is under evaluation with Prof. Steven Frankel, from the Technion, on Quantum Computing, when the photonics devices developed at ALEO can serve as the hardware (HW) part of a project, and will be improved according to the needs. The current status/bottle neck is to build a team of dedicated students (PhD, Post-doc) for common supervision.

Quantum Computing Devices

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