Dr. Avi Karsenty

Dr. Avi Karsenty
  • Head of ALEO - Advanced Laboratory of Electro-Optics

  • Former Head of the Physics/Electro-Optics Dept, Faculty of Engineering.

  • Former Head of HaEytanim -  Personal Empowerment Excellence Program

  • JCT Micro-Nano Technology Education & Research Center

  • Email: karsenty@jct.ac.il

  • Web: https://www.aleo.solutions

  • Office: +972-2-6751140.

Short Bio: Dr. Avi Karsenty received the PhD degree in Applied Physics/Material Science (Microelectronics/Electro-Optics) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2003. His research focuses on nanoscale electro-optics coupled-devices. After 22 years in High-Tech industries, part of which as Engineer and Manager for 16 years with Intel, he served as the Head of the Physics/Electro-Optics Engineering Department’s during the period of Oct'14 to Sep'18. Dr. Karsenty is IEEE Senior Member and OSA Senior Member, and received about 40 Awards in Engineering/Physics.

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