BSc courses in Applied Physics/Electro-Optics Engineering

Course 140911:
Final Project in Electro-Optics


Supervision of a 1.5 years research activity, including publications.

Course 140500:
Micro/Nano-Fabrication Processes and Applications


All parts of the process flow such as Photo-lithography, Dry Oxidation, Wet and Dry Etching, RIE, CVD, PECVD, Metals Evaporation and Deposition, etc...

Course 140811:
Seminar in Electro-Optics A


Industrial oriented applications, high-level last research updates.

Course 240252:
Material Engineering and Manufacturing Techniques


Atom structure, Periodic Table, Crystal Types,  Atoms bonding. Defect in Crystals. Material properties (electrical, optical, thermal...), Stress and Strain. Material types (Semiconductors, Insulators and conductors). Polymers, Ceramics, Metals... Fabrication & Characterization Techniques. How to choose the optimal material for an application.

Course 140821:
Seminar in Electro-Optics B


Industrial oriented applications, high-level last research updates.

Course 140361:
Electro-Optics Workshop


Concrete orientation and preparation to the "real life" of the High-Tech Industry


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