MSc courses in Applied Physics/Electro-Optics Engineering

Course 850401:
Micro/Nano-Fabrication Processes and Applications


All parts of the process flow such as Photo-lithography, Dry Oxidation, Wet and Dry Etching, RIE, CVD, PECVD, Metals Evaporation and Deposition, etc...

Course 850402:
Electro-Optics Measurements & Thin Films Characterization (TFC) Techniques


VAMFO (Variable Angle Monochromatic Fringe Observation), CARIS (Constant Angle Reflection Interference Spectroscopy), Interferometry, Ellipsometry, AFM, SEM, TEM and more.

Course 850403:
Selected Topics in Failure Mechanisms and Quality & Reliability Engineering


Q&R (Quality & Reliability) Principles, FIFA (Failure Isolation and Failure Analysis), RV (Reliability Validation), DFx (Design For ...) such as DFM (Design For Manufacturing), DFBI (Design For Burn-In), and more.

Stresses: ESD (Electro-Static DIscharge), ESD CDM, HBM and MM Models, LU (Latch-Up), BI (Burn-In), HAST, and more.

Course 850404:
Electro-Optics & Photonics Devices: Principles, Materials and Applications


Quantum Dots, Quantum Wires, Quantum Wells, Band-To-Band Transitions, Inter Sub-Band Radiative Transitions, Electro-Luminescence, Photo-Luminescence, Transitions, Hot Electrons, Tunneling, Avalanche Breakdown, Photo-Activated Modulators, Thermo-Activated Modulators, Sensors, Light Emitting Devices, and more.